Calendar 2025


The History of the Maryland Calendar

Launched in 2000, the America in Miniature calendar series celebrates the state’s diverse cultural and natural landscapes.

One of Maryland’s enduring nicknames is “America in Miniature,” which was coined by National Geographic magazine in 1927 and subsequently embraced by tourism officials ever since. The phrase derives from our varied landforms, stretching from our sandy Atlantic beaches of Worcester County, across the Piedmont foothills of Central Maryland and rising in the west with the Appalachian Mountains.

The state’s most cherished natural feature is the Chesapeake Bay, a world unto itself, best known for its oysters, blue crabs, rockfish, and wintering waterfowl. Maryland’s cultural traditions are as varied as the landscape, as each region of the state has carved out its own identity. Only eight states are smaller, but Maryland is a place of great abundance, variety and spirit. Little wonder that Maryland retains a higher percentage of its native sons and daughters as life-long residents than any other state in America.

In all, 36 photographs paint a vivid picture of the only state to be nicknamed “America in Miniature.”

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