Maryland’s Great Outdoors

This comprehensive photographic book documents Maryland’s wild places, from the Atlantic beaches of Assateague to the Appalachian Mountains of our western counties.

Evans artistically renders a cornucopia of landscapes, flora, fauna and Marylanders enjoying nature. A mere 200 miles long, and at its narrowest, a scant two miles wide, this ninth smallest state is remarkably endowed with natural resources harbored amidst diverse habitats.

In addition to traditional Maryland scenery—a mass of snow geese taking wing, anglers doing battle with the striped bass, and woodlands ablaze with autumn’s palette—this collection offers a bounty of surprises. There is a whimsical orchid named the Lady’s Slipper, daredevil kayakers plunging over Great Falls of the Potomac, and a one-of-a-kind albino opossum saddled with maternal responsibilities. Maryland’s Great Outdoors is a treasure trove of evocative photographs complemented by an insightful narrative that fosters a greater appreciation of the natural world and its colorful characters

Maryland Great Outdoors is currently out of print although some used copies may be available from online booksellers.